Saturday, June 1, 2013

Purple Giant Alliums

I've always loved these big purple ball flowers.  My sister has a bunch in their yard.  She has the smaller version of these flowers though.

These are called Alliums.  These are spring to early summer blooming flowers which is easy to grown when there's good drainage soil and full sun for them in your garden.

This is the first year I had these flowers in my garden.  I didn't read the planting instructions so I think I might have planted them too closely together.

Below are pictures of the bloom of these flowers.

They are pricey bulbs but they are just so pretty.  I just love them.  So far they seem to be pretty long lasting because other flowers in my garden which bloomed at the same time seem to have wilted already.

My sister also planted scallions and onions in her yard.  They look similar...maybe because they are in the same onion family?  But I believe the steams looks different and also the colors of the flower might be white. I got to try it since I've always have unused onions or scallions that goes bad which I can just throw into my garden.

Anyone planted Alliums?  What are some things I should look for in caring for them?  And has anyone tried planting scallions and onions?  Let me know!

Ground hog in yard. Ahhh!!!

We have a ground hog living in our yard.  I think it made itself home under our shed.  I see it coming in and out a couple of times everyday.

I read that ground hogs could cause foundation damages.  Is this true?  How can I get rid of it? Please help!

It's cute but I want it out!! 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

New photos and updates on my plants

So a week and here are some updated pictures on my seeds that I've started. All my Celosias are growing well. And finally my Poppies and one Lupine seed is growing. They growing and changing daily makes me so happy. :)

And can you believe it...something is already munching on my plants. I believe these are my tulips I think and they are half way gone. I really need to find a way to prevent them being all chewed up this year. Any suggestion what I should do or get??

I was so surprised when looking through one of my hypertufa pots. My Chinese Dunce Cap succulent had started with its seeds. How exciting. There were only a couple. Hopefully more will start growing.